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The Top 7 Rust Gamers on Youtube

Top 7 Rust Gamers on Youtube

I have a confession to make: I love watching Rust Gamers on Youtube.

I find it so intriguing for reasons that I just can’t put my finger on; sI guess it helps that some of these gaming Youtubers out there are as entertaining as hell.

So I decided that I’m going to rank and share my Top 7 Rust Gamers on Youtube with you all.


Rust Fascination: How it Started

One way or the other, I got into watching Gamers on Youtube.

I found it – and still find it – quite relaxing. It helps clear my mind and focus my concentration. My brain is funny like that.

It started out with Football Manager Youtubers because I loved Football Manager and I don’t get nearly enough chance to play it. I watched people like Lollujo and Workthespace and got hooked.

Then my friend advised me to check out a game called Rust.

I read up on it and found the game fascinating, but there was one major problem. My PC wasn’t nearly powerful enough to run this game. I mean, my machine is like 7 years old and on it’s last legs. It just about manages to load up Football Manager on the rare occasion I get to play it.

Plus, Rust is very definitely the kind of game I’d lose my life to.

I’d get hooked right away and I’d spend all my free hours playing the game.

I would never leave the house, I wouldn’t wash and I wouldn’t eat.

My wife would go nuts.

My Top 7 Rust Gamers on Youtube: Honourable Mentions

Before I get into my Top 7 Rust Gamers list, let me run through the honourable mentions list.

If you’re thinking there are A LOT of names on this list, you’re right.

And I follow them all on Youtube.

My Top 7 Rust Gamers on Youtube: The Final List

Honourable mentions over, it’s time for the elite. This is my top 7 Rust Gamers on Youtube.

7. ThatGermanGuy

I love ThatGermanGuy’s Youtube channel primarily because of all the elaborate Rocket Raids he and his team do.

Those guys are so organised it’s actually ridiculous and a lot of the time you get to see them raid cool elaborate bases. There’s also quite a bit of PvP which is always awesome.

I also like his “What’s Coming on Rust” video’s he’s been doing recently.

6. SirWithrow

I came to SirWithrow’s channel a little later than most of the others, but I instantly took a liking to his video’s.

I liked the way he was explaining things and his method of going about his Rust business.

I also liked that most of the video’s I saw was him doing solo raids and the methodology behind it all.

It’s pretty cool.

5. Coconut B

I think it’s the humour that draws me into Coconut B’s Rust video’s the most.

Humour and his exception play. His PvP battles are cool and you can really tell the dude know’s what he’s doing.

Add to this the fact that he’s one the only Rust Youtuber’s (that I know about) who does live stream at a time when I can actually watch them and you’ll understand why he’s so high up my list.

4. JordanRants

JordanRants is another Youtuber who uses fantastic humour to hammer home the quality of his video’s.

Much like SirWithrow, he does a good job of explaining what he’s doing and precisely WHY he’s doing it. For folk like me who have never played the game before, this is really useful and enhances my enjoyment of his video’s.

3. Ser Winter

I love Ser Winter’s video’s because, again, they contain humour and Ser Winter has a great voice for explaining what’s going on in the video.

Also, when he get’s shit scared whilst playing The Forest on hard mode with Vertigo is pretty much one of the most entertaining things you can see on the Youtube.

I love the stories Ser Winter tells in his video’s and I also like how there’s a good mix of solo and co-op survival video’s in his library. I think a good mix of content is always a good thing.


BCHILLZ has to be this high on the list for the sheer volume of video’s the man posts.

His video’s are always quality and they also show off his incredible skill at the game.

Whilst his content usually has less story than most of the others, the sheer amount of PvP action and cool raids more than makes up for it.

1. VertigoGaming

Vertigo’s channel my first port of call when I go to Youtube.

I got into his video’s for his Rust play, but I could literally watch anything this dude puts out. Why? It’s always good quality and it’s always hilarious – this dude’s sense of humour is something I can really connect with.

Another thing that really attracted me to his channel was his how he totally nailed organising his playlist. It sounds stupid in one sense, but when I first started watching his video’s and wanted to know where to start it was REALLY useful to me.

I also loved his Rust Battle Royale video’s. Those were always entertaining and he was never afraid to show the video’s in which he didn’t win (which, to be fair, was most of them).

I also really love his co-op video’s; his interactions and reactions with his Rust gamer friends are a sight to behold.

Seriously guys, you need to check out his channel whether you like Rust or not.

What do you think?

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