Deadpool Boba Fett “Opps”

Deadpool Boba Fett Marvel/Star Wars mash-up “Opps” tee design.

Deadpool Boba Fett Opps | Marvel Star Wars Mash up tee

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Deadpool Boba Fett Working Together…

A long time ago, in an alternate universe, Boba Fett, bounty hunter extraordinaire, sets out on a mission to deliver the frozen Han Solo to Jabba The Hut to collect his bounty.

He makes the mistake of bringing along his friend and Merc Deadpool for the ride. He makes the even bigger mistake of allowing Deadpool to help carry his frozen prey.

What happens next in this scenario is perfectly depicted on this epic Tee design by artist CoinboxTees.

It’s everything you’d expect from these two and possibly more.

Oh, and don’t try to call me on the “Opps” title. This is the actual name of the tee. It’s an epic play on words that crosses Ops with Oops (if you didn’t pick up on it already).

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